Partner Portal Guidelines

Last Updated: 19 October 2021

The Partner Portal is the hub for the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s efforts in providing information on all the great things there are to see and do here in Wyoming. Thousands of potential travelers – and customers – visit or call our office looking for information every month.

This free marketing tool provides a platform for Wyoming businesses offering tourism-related services to reach a national audience. It is the responsibility of the account owner to keep the information updated and accurate. Our office will NOT be held responsible for outdated listings or events and we will NOT make changes on behalf of a business that neglects to utilize the system correctly.

Please note that the Partner Portal serves as the Office of Tourism’s primary tool for determining events and activities to promote within our strategy. In other words, if you aren’t listed, you are missing out! Listing, Deals & Events Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you determine if your listing qualifies for a Listing, Deals & Events Partner Portal.

These guidelines were developed based on user research to determine the type of information visitors expect to find on our site and in our publications. Please keep in mind that our goal is to provide information for visitors on fun and exciting things to see and do while traveling in Wyoming. We ask the question, “Is this an event/listing a traveler would plan their vacation around/with?” If not, and if posted, we pose the risk of becoming irrelevant to our audience.

Approval/rejection of all submissions is at the sole discretion of the Wyoming Office of Tourism, which reserves the right to edit or refuse any listing. Some listings may be approved by correcting your submission following the instructions provided. Those re-submitted without corrections may be deactivated from the system. All listings, deals, and events require a photo, detailed description, and physical business address to be approved by the Wyoming Office of Tourism.

By posting content and photos to a listing on our website, you are confirming that all assets, both written and visual, are your property and that you/the business have the rights to all information on the listing. You are also allowing WOT to use the information/photos for marketing purposes beyond a listing.

Partners choose 1 primary category and, up to, 3 subcategories for your business. These categories determine how your listing will be displayed throughout the site. Please note that your categories will be reviewed for accuracy by WOT.

Please remember that these are general guidelines. Contact us directly with any questions or concerns, and we will happily provide additional help. Please contact

What can I submit as a tourism business listing?

  • Only businesses whose physical address is within Wyoming state borders will be able to have a listing on the website.
  • Businesses must offer a leisure tourism-related activity or place to stay.
  • All businesses must be open to the public and have regular hours. No businesses that are “appointment only” will be listed. 
  • Guides, Outfitters &/or tour operators with a PO Box exception MUST provide location information in order to be approved.

Examples of businesses generally not eligible for our Partner Portal:

  • Standard retail establishments (i.e. grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies)
  • Organizations, groups, clubs, etc. 
  • Businesses that do not have a physical address inside the State of Wyoming.
  • Chambers (unless the listing includes a Welcome Center open to visitors)

What can I submit as a tourism event?

  • Prominent events open to the general public and actively marketed to audiences statewide and/or nationwide.
  • Events showcasing a town’s unique character or heritage
  • Festivals providing activities of interest to travelers
  • County fairs
  • Rodeos

What generally does NOT qualify to submit as a tourism event?

  • Recreational sporting events
  • School events
  • Events closed to any segment of the general public for any reason
  • Family or class reunions, religious functions, and fundraisers
  • Retail sales, craft shows, children’s events, and yard sales not associated with a tourism event
  • Pageants
  • Multi-week classes/workshops, summer camps or other activities not considered a tourism event
  • Book club meetings or author meet-and-greets
  • Events submitted without a website that provides more information

Events submitted without a photo for our site’s formatting