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2023 Summer Campaign

Introducing our 2023 Modern Explorer campaign, running from March through September. Our campaign aims to increase awareness and consideration for Wyoming as a spring/summer destination, while also promoting sustainable travel practices. We will be driving travel intent through email and travel guide sign-ups, educating our audience on responsible tourism, and engaging them through our owned channels and content.

Our campaign showcases the incredible stories of four exceptional individuals who embody the spirit of a modern explorer. Meet Taylor Thoman, a fifth-generation rancher from Rock Springs, who truly embodies the essence of Western culture. Tim Trites, owner of Cowboy Country Distilling in Pinedale, creates exquisite spirits using only locally sourced ingredients and champions sustainability through zero-waste practices. Jess Oldham of Double D Ranch and Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lander is dedicated to preserving Wyoming’s natural resources through her work with wild mustangs. Finally, we have Jimmy Chin, an activist, climber, Nat Geo photographer, and Academy Award-winning director of Free Solo, who is passionate about keeping Wyoming wild and advocating for sustainability.

Enjoy the journey as we explore the stories of these modern explorers, and celebrate their contributions to the culture, food, adventure, and more of Wyoming.

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