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Why Work in WY

High average salaries meet affordable costs of living. And epic post-work perks meet endless possibility. In Wyoming, hospitality careers offer so much more than a paycheck. They kickstart a lifetime of exploration, adventure and growth. Cubicle not required.

Seeking Restless Spirits

Here’s what’s easy to see: The towering mountains. The rushing rivers. The tight-knit, welcoming communities. Here’s what’s a little less obvious: A recent study found that Wyoming is the best state to begin, or continue, a hospitality career. The state boasts an average hospitality salary of $37,530, only 35% of which goes toward rent. After energy production, the hospitality industry is the state’s largest. And opportunity abounds in a wide variety of pursuits.

Perks, please.

We’d like to officially correct the record: The hospitality industry does, indeed, come with loads of perks. At least in the Cowboy State. Capitalize on a flexible schedule to take the adventure you’ve had your eye on. Enjoy industry discounts at hotels, restaurants and other outfitters. And pursue a reliable career path, complete with security and stability.

Career Advancements & Education

No experience is required, so you can get right to it while you train on the job. Though, if you want to elevate your career, you can earn a certificate or degree in hospitality at the University of Wyoming or an accredited community college. If you’re interested in culinary arts and restaurant management, the Prostart’s program puts you on the path to success. Whether through experience or education, there’s always a strong track for advancement and growth from entry level to upper management.

Hospitality Stories

Towering mountains. Rushing rivers. Welcoming communities.