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The Wyoming Office of Tourism provides a unique value to Wyoming as the only statewide organization dedicated to growing Wyoming’s tourism economy. Through a series of programs, the organization fulfills its mission to promote and facilitate increased travel to and within the state of Wyoming. By working with strategic partners and stakeholders, the organization will sustain the vision for the destination that is meant to capture the “epic intimacy” you feel when you’re here, unleashing your uninhibited spirit of adventure in the great state of Wyoming.

Effective advertising and outreach efforts create brand awareness and once consumers are brand aware, they are twice as likely to visit as non-aware consumers. Once deployed, potential visitors respond to marketing campaigns and are driven to explore Wyoming vacation planning information through a variety of response platforms such as the website, mobile and tablet sites, social media outlets, internet search engines, digital downloads of publications (inquiries). As the organization’s advertising and outreach efforts increase, so has the volume of inquiries resulting from those efforts.

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