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2024 Modern Explorer Summer Campaign

Introducing the Modern Explorer 2024 Summer Campaign. Running March – September 2024 with a budget of $6.93 million. Our goal is to elevate awareness and consideration for Wyoming as a year-round destination, emphasizing sustainable travel practices and engaging adults aged 25-44 with an HHI of $40K+ across national markets. We aim to drive travel intent through personalized site interactions, nurture sustainable tourism education, and foster engagement via our digital channels. Through captivating narratives of two new modern explorers like Arvid Aase and Elyse Guarino , we showcase Wyoming’s cultural richness, adventure opportunities, and commitment to environmental stewardship. Our media strategies align with the travel journey, emphasizing cross-channel partnerships, audience segmentation, and impactful storytelling to inspire and connect with our target audience. Join us on this transformative journey to discover the diverse allure of Wyoming as a premier travel destination.

Questions or Comments?

Reach out to our Brand Integration Senior Manager, Becky Oswald.