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2023-2024 Winter Campaign

Discover the magic of our Winter 2023-2024 campaign! Our carefully planned media strategy prioritizes market selection without revealing specific budget details. We’re focused on National targeting and key markets with substantial visitation. In the next tier, we streamline markets, giving priority to those with strong potential, especially in larger markets. The strategy also highlights markets with robust visitation but lacking in certain metrics. We implement creative tailored to each market, considering travel readiness and setting engagement expectations by channel. Building momentum through partnerships, we engage qualified audiences with targeted activities. Our media presence spans Display, Paid Search, Paid Social, and Video, with a significant 40% focus on Social media. Join us in this exciting journey as our Winter campaign strategically allocates resources for maximum impact and efficiency in reaching our diverse audience.

Questions or Comments?

Reach out to our Brand Integration Senior Manager, Becky Oswald.