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Celebrating Diane Shober: 20 Years of Outstanding Leadership as Executive Director at Wyoming Office of Tourism.

Diane Shober celebrated her 20-year anniversary as the executive director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism on Monday, June 19.

Her dedication, leadership and contributions to the tourism industry have been outstanding. She fosters an environment of excellence and empowers employees to go beyond expectations. Diane leads by example, upholding high standards and making decisions with integrity. Her work ethic, industry passion, and innovative thinking have propelled the organization and tourism industry forward. Accomplishments include award-winning ad campaigns, team building and

securing funding for office growth and Wyoming’s economy. Diane’s legacy extends beyond achievements, touching many lives. The Wyoming Office of Tourism staff and Board of Directors are honored to have worked with her and eagerly anticipate her continued leadership in the future.

Please join us in celebrating Diane’s remarkable 20-year journey, sign the digital work anniversary card and send her a message to show your support and honor her exceptional contributions.

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