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Hospitality Careers: Life and Logistics in Yellowstone National Park

Amazon News recently published a video to their YouTube channel featuring the iconic Yellowstone National Park and how its residents and visitors continue to receive packages in the winter – even in the toughest of conditions. Despite inclement weather and wildlife creating obstacles along the two-hour trek from the warehouse to Old Faithful Snow Lodge, Amazon delivery driver Ben Mitchem doesn’t let these stop him from delivering valuable packages to the park.

This important quest is essential to keeping the hotel equipped with paper and plastic goods, beverages, luggage, employee mail and much more. In the video, park resident Jenny Howison brings attention to the remoteness of the park and the inconveniences of traveling during the winter. Howison describes being able to receive packages from Amazon during the winter as a “lifesaver.” This video acts as a reminder of how important hospitality workers are to Wyoming and the impact these individuals have on the state and its visitors.

Hop on a special over-snow vehicle and trek through Yellowstone National Park as Amazon delivers to customers at Old Faithful in Wyoming during the winter.

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