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PRSA Travel & Tourism Section Conference 2023

In June, Hailey Mach, the Public Relations Manager for WOT, had the opportunity to participate in the PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference in Madison, WI. During her time there, she not only enjoyed some delectable cheese but also formed connections with fellow professionals in the tourism industry from across the nation. Hailey engaged with PR experts and travel writers, gaining invaluable insights and practical tips. Here are a few noteworthy points Hailey jotted down during the conference that she would like to share.

  • Press Trips
    • Keep breakfast and lunch quick (most are happy to take along a sandwich during their venture outdoors)
    • Include downtime
    • Host a meal or time to meet with journalists
    • Stay in touch with journalists after they visit
  • Media Pitching: 
    • Keep media pitches descriptive, yet short and to the point
    • Include an intro that reels the reader in, almost like a story
    • Include a suggested itinerary and high-resolution images
    • Follow trends and make timely pitches 
      • E.g.: Astro tourism will be a great pitch around April 2024 due to the solar eclipse.
  • Popular Topics Among the Media:
    • New bike trails & routes
    • Sustainability
    • Profile pitches
    • Diverse perspectives and people

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