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Upcoming 2024 and 2025 Content Opportunities

WOT’s communication team is working hard to showcase Wyoming through media relations and content creation, and already working into 2024 AND 2025. Learn more on how you can get involved:

2025 Wyoming Travel Guide

With the 2024 Wyoming Travel Guide being delivered around the state to our visitor centers our team is already looking for 2025 new and notable content.

In pursuit of offering unique and enriching journeys, we are reaching out to our partners to inquire about any new travel experiences or services you might be unveiling in 2025. We believe that your expertise and innovation play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of travel, and we’re eager to showcase the best of what our state has to offer.

Here are a few key areas we are particularly interested in:

  • Innovative Experiences: Are there unique travel experiences or services you’re introducing that redefine the way people explore and connect with the world?
  • Cultural Immersions: Have you curated experiences that provide travelers with a deeper understanding of the local culture, traditions and customs?
  • Sustainable Initiatives: Are there any environmentally conscious or sustainable travel initiatives that align with the growing demand for responsible tourism?
  • Family Focused: Does your destination have a new adventure for families to enjoy?

Please feel free to share any relevant information and photos that can help us showcase your offerings effectively to Lexi Mitchell, lexi.mitchell@wyo.gov. We look forward to hearing about the exciting new travel experiences you have in store for 2025!

2024 Media Relations: New & Notable

As we near the end of 2023, WOT is actively pitching what’s new in 2024 and is asking its industry partners to share new and notables going into the new year. Is your town getting a new hotel or is there a notable anniversary coming up? Does your restaurant have a new addition on the way? Will your guide service provide visitors with a new tour?

Send us all your BIG ideas and happenings along with shareable images, renderings, helpful web links and whatever else you deem important – we want to hear and see it all!

Please share your 2024 new and notables with WOT Public Relations Manager Hailey Mach at hailey.mach@wyo.gov by December 15.

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